COLOR therapy: greens & blues

I am starting a new series on the blog: COLOR therapy. Each week I will post a different picture and its' coordinating color palette. I love doing this because I find it simply fabulous to see how 5 individual colors, when matched together, can create such amazing and unique eye candy. For me, that is therapy - it always makes me happy.

I will also post some HEART therapy to go along with it. This will be thoughts, musings, words of wisdom, nuggets of life that will hopefully inspire, encourage and make your day a little brighter.

Welcome to week 1 of COLOR therapy!

COLOR therapy:

I am in love with this weeks color palette! Green and Blue is such a great color combination and it works for all seasons! These hues compliment each other so well.

They are inviting and inclusive and while they are very similar, they know how to open up their arms and welcome friends from opposing sides - like red and orange! That's when the party starts and the magic happens!

HEART therapy:

Love your people, but open up your arms, hearts, homes and lives to those who live outside of your wheelhouse. You will find that they can brighten and change your world in ways you never dreamed of!

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